South Africa Volunteers

Why Choose South Africa Volunteers Projects?

We believe we are different. We are not an agency recruiting people to go work on a project in South Africa. We live and work in South Africa, in the community of Port St Johns. It is our home. We eat and live with the volunteers and they become our friends.

Interlinked Projects

We work on various projects throughout Port St Johns, but they are all based in the one community and all affect each other. One of our main goals is to develop all aspects of the Port St Johns community. Our projects include a school, a life skills centre and various children's projects.

For more information, see our projects page

Multiple Opportunities

Playing football with the kids on the beach

Because we work run several different projects within Port St Johns, volunteers have instant variety available. Volunteers are free to try all projects and then focus on the ones they like best.

In addition, we are a young organisation and welcome new input and ideas from all our volunteers. Several of the people we've had join us have gone on to manage aspects of individual projects or to set up new projects within the community.

Flexible Start Dates & Project Lengths

Unlike many volunteer organisations we do not require you to fix a start date. Simply let us know when you'll be turning up and we'll expect you. Although we obviously prefer to have people staying on for 4 - 6 weeks, any time you can contribute is appreciated. Some of our volunteers can only give us a week or two, but still find they enjoy the experience.

Many of our volunteers are back-packers passing through Port St Johns, who decide to stay on longer and volunteer with us.

Returning Volunteers

Many of our volunteers fall in love with Port St Johns (just like we have) and choose to come back to work with us for longer periods. We consider this the best encouragement possible. It cements our belief that our program really is a beneficial and unique experience.

In other cases volunteers offer to continue working for us even after they have left. We have had two girls from London set up an agency to find potential volunteers for us within the big city. People who are continuing travelling South Africa also help us spread the word by posting flyers for us in hostels or just by telling people they meet about us.

Staffed and Managed Locally

This is what really makes us different. Port St Johns is our home. We live here and we believe in the projects we have set up; they're development affects us as much as it does the rest of the community.

We live, eat, work & play with the volunteers. They become our friends and we value their input into what we do.

All Volunteers Funds used Directly by the Project

The money paid by you is used directly to fund the program (see Volunteer section for more information on this). The entire contribution you make to us is used to fund the projects you will be working on. You will be able to see exactly how your money is spent.